Hi, itʼs Filippo Sanò here, Iʼve founded Photodromm in 2004.
Itʼs an online magazine dedicated to an audience that likes female nudity.
Based on respect and admiration for women, our intent is to show female complete nudity in a non-vulgar way.
All the models worked with the enthusiasm of uninhibited twenty-year-old girls who find themselves in exotic locations having fun and getting to know the world and… incredibly get paid for it.
I just had to create the right atmosphere on the set and try to work in harmony with the models and the crew to offer the best mixture of dreams and desires on the Photodromm.
When serotonin is released, the good mood hormone flows and endorphins go up…
Thatʼs our prescription.

from D. Bellʼs review on Superbeauty, resuming our approach to the matter:

‘Beauty is the representation of values and photographer Filippo Sanò knows it. He is totally pro- value.
So he chooses the most flattering poses and settings for his photos and chooses only the happiest ones, the most sculptural female models in the world.
Most of it is shot from a low angle, which allows its models to tower over us like huge marble sculptures in a museum, only the medium is the living woman, and the museum is the whole world.
Thus each full-bodied photo screams from his point of view that the appropriate status of a woman is that of the goddess and super enhanced beauty, and that man’s right relationship with woman, is looking at her and her beauty in admiration, awe, and let’s face it, boundless love.ʼ